Kill Brawnkor was designed as a social game which gets better when more people are participating. With more players, there will be more exciting moments of near wins and close victories. More players also make for a larger community with which to discuss events currently unfolding in the game. A larger community also means more opportunities to make new friends.

Really, the health of the game depends on the size of the community just as it does for any successful game. More players simply makes things more fun. You get to celebrate when someone manages to trigger a rare event for the first time more often with more players. Even conversations not directly related to Brawnkor get more interesting with more input.

There's nothing more fun than staying up a little too late because you're having too much fun with your friends while playing your favorite game. Excitement is better with more people to share it with. Fortunately, there is something you and all of the other players can do to help the game's popularity. Just invite a friend.

If you enjoy Brawnkor, your friends probably will too. And what's cooler than having a friend you know in real life or from other internet communities join the Brawnkor community? So, go ahead and tell your friends about Kill Brawnkor and help the community to grow!