Every blog should start off with a great introduction. Brawnkor has just made his debut on the internet and it's time he was introduced.

Brawnkor is some kind of a... I'm not entirely sure really, but he seems bent on destroying the city. Which city? Well, I'm not sure of that either.

Let's start over. Brawnkor is trying to destroy the city, but there's something we can do to stop him. Click in the outline just ahead of Brawnkor to attack him. If you manage to hit one of Brawnkor's pressure points, it will cause an event which will damage Brawnkor. Damage him enough and he'll die. If he dies before all of the buildings in the city are destroyed, the city is saved. But, if Brawnkor destroys the city first, all is lost.

All players see the same thing. That means all of the other players will see any event you start and you'll see the ones they start. Some events are easier to start than others. So, while some events will be quite common, other events are so uncommon you may not see them unless you've played for a long time. New events are added all the time, so check back often!

Now that you've got an idea how it works, go join the other players and see if you can Kill Brawnkor!